Friday, 15 June 2012

Long overdue UPDATE!

Evening Fellow Bloggers!

I have finally finished Uni for Summer, so thought I better had show my blog some much needed TLC. Here are my current nails I am rocking - ocean inspired.

Seeing as I haven't blogged in over a month ( mad apologies) here are some other styles I have been sporting:

Simple Glitter Layering

As you can see I took the photo of these nails like a week and a half after painting them, hence the small chips and outgrown polish. The nail polish lasted a good while before showing any signs of wear and tear which I was super pleased with.

Bare Nails

"Naked" nails eurghhhh! For a while I actually went without any coloured nail polish. It was nearing the end of the term and uni was getting a bit hectic, so I did not have time to spare decorating my nails. I did coat them with nail hardener though :)

Pink Friday

Picked up this lovely pink nail polish in my favourite shop in the whole wide world - POUNDWORLD! The photo does not do the colour much justice, but it is a really nice pink colour and I can't stop wearing it. I have also tried layering glitter over the top of it, and I love it even more - it is so Barbie!

I picked up 2 new nail polishes from the local Pharmacy which were only 99p each - Thanks Emily for the heads up! Here they are:

I have already tried the 2 polishes layered over some colours and they look fab. The clear glitter literally jazzes up any nail polish colour, and the blue/purple glitter looks the bomb layered over dark purple polish. I will be sure to update you guys soon.

Slowly coming to the conclusion my blog is becoming a tad boring?

Until next time. Adios!



  1. I've been totally missing your posts! Come back already LOL! Btw, I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award, no big deal :)

  2. Your nails are perfect, I love the grey ones with the glitter top coat xx

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  4. I love them all but ecsp. the first ones and then the glittery ones xxx

  5. The blue nails are gorgeous, they are all so pretty! xo

  6. Love the blue - gorgeous shade!!

    I'm having a giveaway, if you'd like to enter. :)

  7. I love the grey, really suits your skintone, great post!

    Hope you check out my blog

    Gem xxx

  8. Love those grey glitter nails!

  9. wow your bare nails are awesome! and I love the glitter ones

    - ordaining serendipity

  10. Hi lovely, just replying to your comment- thanks so much, I really appreciated it :D I'll look out for your order! I braided my hair myself, was feeling quite hippy-ish, haha.

    Your nails are fab! I never have the patience to sort mine out, wish I did! Xx