Wednesday, 29 August 2012

W7 Nail Polish - Mosaic (Nails Inc - Pudding Lane DUPE!)

Photo taken before I applied a clear top coat. Amazing dupe for Nail Inc's Pudding Lane! The W7 nail polish only cost me £1.99 from a market stall, whereas the Nails Inc's polish retails for £11 (daylight robbery!)
Anyone tried this dupe? Like it? Hate it? Want to try it?

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kooky Nail Wraps

I've been meaning to show you these nail wraps for the longest time! I was kindly given them to me a while back by a friend (thank you sooooo much Hannah!) , so thought I'd give them a shot as I have never tried nail wraps before. I wasn't just given 1 set I was given 6 - golly gosh how lucky am I!

As beautiful as they are not all of the sizes fitted my nails, hence the reason I thought I'd do an accent nail. I personally think nail wraps look better as an accent nail than a full set, plus an accent nail is much more practical!

They went on really easy, stuck well, and filed really nicely. I love the way they make my normal boring black nails look a bit jazzed up. Not sure how long they will last but I'll keep you updated. One corner has slightly lifted about a millimetre but it's barely noticeable. Think I might put a tiny bit of nail glue along the end of my nail to stop them from lifting

Have you guys tried nail wraps before? What are your opinions on them? - Yay or Nay?

Kira xxx

(p.s -sorry for the muggy photos, had to take them in dim lighting to stop the nail wrap shining away!)

Sunday, 5 August 2012


Sorry for the lack of motivation, haven't really been inspired to create any new nail designs lately :( . Here are a few random pictures from my phone of my thumb nail - random I know right? The polish in the last picture is one I made myself. Major sparkle overload!

I've still been keeping up to date with everyones' blogs. Hope you guys are well!

Kira xxx