Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kooky Nail Wraps

I've been meaning to show you these nail wraps for the longest time! I was kindly given them to me a while back by a friend (thank you sooooo much Hannah!) , so thought I'd give them a shot as I have never tried nail wraps before. I wasn't just given 1 set I was given 6 - golly gosh how lucky am I!

As beautiful as they are not all of the sizes fitted my nails, hence the reason I thought I'd do an accent nail. I personally think nail wraps look better as an accent nail than a full set, plus an accent nail is much more practical!

They went on really easy, stuck well, and filed really nicely. I love the way they make my normal boring black nails look a bit jazzed up. Not sure how long they will last but I'll keep you updated. One corner has slightly lifted about a millimetre but it's barely noticeable. Think I might put a tiny bit of nail glue along the end of my nail to stop them from lifting

Have you guys tried nail wraps before? What are your opinions on them? - Yay or Nay?

Kira xxx

(p.s -sorry for the muggy photos, had to take them in dim lighting to stop the nail wrap shining away!)


  1. they look gorgeous, gives the nail a really expensive look! i'll have to have a look to buy them!

    please take a look,

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  2. there look amazing like professionals.
    I definetly have to invest in these were not all as talented as you :D

  3. no problem lovely... glad they r being put to good use :) hannah x

  4. Completely love these, how come you've stopped posting? :( x

  5. Love these nails. They are amazing :)

  6. Awesome nails!x

  7. Love them.
    I always wanted to try these, they seem a lot easier.