Sunday, 13 May 2012

Aztec Nails & New Nail Art Business: Your Views?

So I got bored Friday night and decided to give my nails a much needed paint. They looked rather boring all one colour, so decided to do a simple aztec design on my ring finger.


The next day I decided to do the design on all of my nails because I thought the accent nail looked slightly lonely!

The sunshine is reflecting on my nails in the above photos, but below is a photo of my nails with the flash on indoors.

I would also be grateful of your views on the following subject:

Basically I am taking a gap year from university and thinking of starting my own small scale, mobile, nail art business. My dad owns a tanning salon, so I was thinking I could work maybe weekends doing nail designs in there. I am currently a marketing student so I could do all the marketing related malarki for it, which I could then put on my CV.


My biggest issue is that a) I'm not sure if I am good enough at nail art to make a business out of it, and b) would people actually be prepared to pay for my services? So as you all are my trustworthy fellow bloggers I was wondering what your views are on this? and please don't be afraid to be 100% honest! As they say, honesty is the best policy :)

Hope you guys are well!




  1. From what I can tell your nail art is definitely good enough, this mani is a prime example - so neat and pretty!

    I think your biggest issue would be advertising for it but once you'd had a few customers I imagine word of mouth would help.

    Let us know how you get on!

  2. People are always bugging me to do nail art as a business...but I really don't want to! This is something I do for fun, my hobby. I like painting other peoples nails, but I don't like doing all the cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you are doing this for the right reasons!

  3. I think you should go for it! As mali mentioned your nail art is clear and you can easily replicate the same design on each nail.
    And it would be great experience for you, your skills will become even more enhanced and you'll be making money doing something you really like!
    People generally only want basic designs and often just want a single colour so you'd fly though it :)

  4. I think you should go for it! It's a great way to hone your talent, do something you love and get paid! And ofc it would look amazing on your CV and yes you are good enough at it! X

  5. Very neat design. I think yeah go for it, everyone starts somewhere big or small!! Just have faith in what you want to do and keep at it.

  6. Based on your posts, I would say definitely go for it. If your don't its an opportunity lost, and you'l always wonder what if. Even if its not successful, you can still put it on your CV, and say what you learnt from it. Do it hun!


  7. Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses

  8. I think you should do it, if you dont you will always be thinking 'what if' and who knows where it may take you, and using your dads business is an opportunity you just can't pass by! And you are definatily good enough, I love your designs! :)

  9. Looks great.I really like it.
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  10. These are gorgeous - love the purple!! :)

  11. Love the nail art! It's really neat and tidy too! Good job :)

  12. absolutely amazing nails, you should definitely go for it!
    love the blog, following you!!!

  13. These are amazing! :) xx

  14. Wow, these look so good. I can barely paint my nails a simple colour without them smudging.

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  15. waa these are soo cool! What did you use for the ocean nails? It is gorgeous.
    Also I think your business idea is great, why not give it a shot. I would pay for your nail designs and if your dad already has a property you could run it from, then you wouldn't lose out on a ton of money on a lease for somewhere if it didn't go to plan.
    Keep us posted on what you decide, good luck!
    -Kerry xo

  16. Those look amazing! I think you should definitely do the business idea! From what i've seen you're amazing at painting nails and doing different designs, your hands are so steady and they always turn out really neat! I'm jealous! Good luck xx

  17. WOW the aztec nails are gorgeous!! And from what I've seen from your other posts the quality of your designs are impeccable! I think you'd defo do well running a little business! I'd deeefo pay for you to do my nails, and i NEVER let anyone do my nails/makeup/hair/annyything so thats saying something ;)


  18. That looks beautiful, you should definitely run a business!!

  19. I'm "a bit late" to reply on your question, but will do so anyway: DO IT! I really hope you did start your business, because you have an eye and a touch for manicure.
    a) you ARE good enough!
    b) there's ALWAYS someone who will be interested and will pay. A friend of mine was worried about this too (she was making necklaces and pendants). I made a profile for her on FB and another local forum and now she is making that plus bags, jackets, skirts, etc.

    Never let your own fears set you back - go boldly for it. At least in the end you will know was it possible or not, and not end up 10 years from now regretting and asking yourself "Could I have made it or not". Am wishing you all the best! I love your blog! :)