Saturday, 30 June 2012

That Versatile Thing Called Glitter

Lately I've been loving white nails! They are so plain, simple, and such a statement!

As promised here are the pictures of my 2 new glitter polishes layered over white and purple polish. Just a reminder here are the polishes:

(Left - Sassy Sparkle and Right - Jewel Tone)

L.A Colours - Sassy Sparkle layered over N.Y.C - Little Italy

Revlon - Plum Night

 L.A Colours - Jewel Tone layered over Revlon - Plum Night

Both colours are awesome! The purple nails look like nail foils and look 10 times better in real life. For 99p I will go as far as to say this is my best polish purchase to date!!!

Anyone been buying any nice glitter nail polishes lately? I've heard W7 have come out with a really cool range of glitter polishes similar to Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection. I am on the hunt to find them!



  1. The purple glitter looks fab! I love white nails but not quite brave enough to wear them out myself. I usually go for a very grey/pink (model's own utopia) or pale mint (essie's absolutely shore). Lovely post :)

  2. The purple looks so hawt on you, love it!

  3. You're so neat! I love the purple glitter.

  4. Love these! I love glitter polishes, but I hardly wear them because I hate the process of taking them off :D But they're so pretty to look at xoxo

  5. Aww I love these! Glitter makes anything prettier :)
    Im a new follower, hope you can check out my blog hun! xox

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  6. You have such awesome nails!

  7. I love the purple on its own but the glitter makes it so much more amazing!

  8. L.A colors Jewels looks like a very nice glitter.

  9. girl your good! :)