Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Revlon: Nail Enamel £1 & a Cheeky Mini Haul

Sorry for the lack of posts guys; I've been quite busy these past few days with uni work, interviews etc. I've also been back at home for Easter, so sadly don't have any of my nail polishes with me. However, this was a bad idea as it has given me an excuse to buy some new ones whilst I'm here. I've also been a bit cheeky and made a few other purchases. So here goes...

Revlon polishes for £1. Bargain right?

 2 more new nail polishes, some jewellery, and a snakeskin clutch bag...

When I get a moment I will post reviews on all of the polishes. I am so happy with my Revlon polishes they are such good quality, not to mention the colours are also fab. For £1 I think they are an absolute bargain, considering the same polishes are currently selling in boots for £6.49!!

Loving Claire's Accessories at the moment. Haven't been in there since I was a youngster, but lately they have had some really cute stuff in there. In addition to the above, I've also picked up 2 new rings and 2 new polishes that I will be sure to show off! It's so reasonably priced in Claire's, and they also do 15% student discount! Why not go and have a mooch and see if you can pick up some nice bits and bobs.

Anyone found any bargains lately? or purchased anything nice?

Products used/mentioned:

  • Revlon: Nail Enamel - Plum Night
  • Revlon: Nail Enamel - Teak Rose
  • Technic: Nail Varnish - Bedazzled (Orange glitter)
  • Tehnic: Nail Varnish - Bonanza (Black with blue glitter)
  • Silver peace bracelet - Claire's
  • Silver peace necklace -Claire's
  • Hamsa hand gold necklace - Claire's
  • Believe necklace - Claire's
  • Snakeskin bag - H&M



  1. Love the polishes, looking forward to reviews :) x

  2. Such a cute hamsa hand necklace =)


  3. Oh wow, £1??? Where did you find them! Beautiful colours too.


  4. Love both the Revlon colours, can't belive you got them for a pound!xx


  5. What a bargain on the nail colours! They look fab. I'm doing a MAC lipstick giveaway on my blog this month, stop by and enter if you like :) xoxo


  6. Fantastic bargain! Love the necklace, wouldn't have thought Claire's would sell this.

  7. I really love the nail polishes, the colors are gorgeous! :)

  8. Ohh i love that dark colour. I wish i could pull off darker colours, but i am so pale it just looks very strange :)

    Great blog btw. Thanks for following me. A follow right back. Keep up the great work girl :)

    Luc X